Internal Operations Update - Reducing Spread

Wade Gerten, Owner

March 14, 2020

The On Time team and I met this week to put together our operational plan for dealing with the Corona Virus.

We feel we each have a duty to help defend against this threat in order to keep our employees, their families, our customers, and our community safe.

Many organizations are beginning to take actions that reduce the chances of overwhelming our healthcare system and the compounding problems that situation would create. Google “flattening the curve” to read more about it.

The following operational changes are being rolled out today. Our team has been instructed to take this seriously and hold each other accountable for executing it.

Team Basics

  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • Wash your hands
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Avoid shaking hands & touching
  • Limit exposure to others at work and at home
  • Keep equipment and vehicles clean

Reducing Shop Time

  • Stagger start times
  • Crews remain in cars in parking lot until picked up
  • Only crew Leads and absolutely necessary crew members allowed in shops and yards
  • Irrigation crews will avoid shops except for parts pickup

Work from Home

  • Do any work that can be done from home - at home
  • Use phone calls and video for all possible meetings
  • Reduce time spent in the shop as much as possible